Flatbush Vet

We're focused on people and their pets, not profit.

We believe that every pet deserves to see a vet.

As a community-centered nonprofit, we’re solely focused on providing exceptional veterinary care at a reasonable price.

The Problem

50% of pet owning households in the U.S. can no longer afford a basic vet visit.

Flatbush Vet exists to remove barriers to care for all pet owners by tackling this problem directly.

Our Approach

Local by necessity

Everyone knows their neighborhood best. That’s why we’ve built Flatbush Vet, right here on Flatbush Avenue.

By investing in our local community, we are able to serve the most people in the most sustainable way.

Accessible by design

Our mission to provide more accessible care dictates the way in which we run the clinic.

We charge only what’s necessary in order to provide our services. Additionally, donations will help subsidize care, making these services even more accessible for low-income pet owners.

Driven by purpose

Our full-time veterinary team is deeply passionate about helping people and their pets. But more than that, they are committed to providing high-quality pet care to even more families who need it.

Become a monthly donor or make a one time contribution today.

Help provide affordable and accessible vet care to more pet owners and rescuers, saving thousands of lives – for years to come.